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High pressure pumps
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If you need a unit documentation please specify the ones stated in your order 6-digit Unit No. in the search field. (These can also be found on the nameplate of the High Pressure Pump Unit). Then click on the activated red type designation. You will receive further information and can then download the documentation (Operating instructions).

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code which is attached to your unit. This will take you directly to the required download page. Please check if there is such a QR code on the High Pressure Unit.

If no QR code is available, enter the 6-digit Unit No. into the search field!
If your documentation of earlier date is not listed here, please contact us by e-mail.

QR-Code Anleitung

 Order-Nr. Info
 Flow rate
max. l/min.
max. bar
1/min. rpm
 Versions  Info
628410 29298 PDF 84,0 66 410 11,7 ohne Aggregat
628537 2019-127353 7,0 20 1430 1,9 VB26REV Aggregat
631603 31009627 PDF 48,4 150 1450 15,2 UL221/200H Aggregat

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