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High pressure pumps
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Series NP10

The NP10 series has been continuously updated. Available in standard version / RE version / Nickel-plated version

                    hochdruckpumpe np10 1 NP10

Series NP30

The NP30 series has been continuously updated

 hochdruckpumpe np30                   NP30

Series P52 - Circulator Pump

For circulation of supercritical COup to 300 bar for extraction processes

p52 Zirkulation2     P52            

Series P55

All types of the P55 series can be equipped with a crankshaft with hollow shaft. Advantage, compact design

hochdruckpumpe P55      P55

Series P75 / P76

Available in three drive variants. All gearboxes are available with different gear ratios. Advantage, the compact design. Pump with free shaft end (G) / Pump with gearbox (G)U / Pump with gearbox with hollow shaft (G)UHW

 hochdruckpumpe p75    P75 P76

Series P72 - Pump Compressor

Pump compressor for gaseous and liquid CO2 which can deliver from the gas phase oil-free against a tank pressure of up to 80 bar. (optimal CO2 recovery)

      hochdruckpumpe p72 kompressorP72

Series Seewater

Suitable for pumping clean water, seawater or other non-abrasive media of similar specific gravity to water

hochdruckpumpe np10 1                  Seewasser


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