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Together with his 5 sons, the master mechanic Daniel Speck founds the family company Speck-Pumpen Daniel Speck & Sons in Nuremberg. The first piston pumps are put on the market.  

1950 The subsidiary plant in Gartenberg, Geretsried, now the location of our present-day factory, is opened under the direction of Otto Speck.  

1954 The sudsidiary plant becomes the independent company of Speck-Kolbenpumpenfabrik Otto Speck KG. The product range consists of piston pumps of the PM and BS series.

1958  Speck-Kolbenpumpen KG in Linz/Österreich is established.

1959 The first high pressure piston pumps of the HS series are produced.  

1974 Production of Speck triplex pumps begins.   

1977 Speck-Triplex-Pumpen in Bielefeld is established.

1984  Speck Pumps (UK) Ltd in High Wycombe by London is established. 

1996 The production range is extended to completely assembled units.  

1998 Our previous premises at Bielefeld, Obernstrasse 1a become too small. We move to our new street address Bielefeld, Walkenweg 41. Our new offices and warehouse facilities covering 1.400 m2 ensure continued prompt, reliable service and delivery to our customers in Europa and the overseas.   

2000 Our offices are expanded in Geretsried.    

2003  Building of another production hall with more offices in Geretsried.

  • Our High Pressure Plunger Pumps have kept in line with permanent technological advancement. We are still winning new markets through the use of new materials and pumps offering ever higher pressures and flow rates.
  • Innovation together with the most up-to-date production machinery in Geretsried guarantee first-class quality and customer satisfaction.


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