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High pressure pumps
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 Areas   Applications Fields    Where?   Pump Models?  
 Editing   Remove tree bark    Saw Mills, Timber yards   NP25/21, P41/33 NP25/12  NP25/15
  Descaling    Rollings mills, Steel industry   P50, P62 - P71, P76 P80
  Demoulding    Foundries   P50, P71/40HD, P76
  Deburring    Machine shops, Automobile works
  P50, P71/40HD, P76
  Peeling    Plastic industry, Fish and poultry treatment   P30 - P52
  Jet cutting    Ceramic industry   P11/5, P21/5 NP25/11/12/15
 Humidification   Irrigation and
fertilizing plants
   Nurseries, Gardeners companys, Fruit and vegetable, Plantations   P11 - P71
 Irrigation   Humidification    Air conditioning, Agriculture, Grinding   P11 - P71, NP10
  Dust supression    Shops, Mining  
 Fire protection   Fire protection    Ships, Industrial plants, Warehouses
  P52 - P71, NP25/50/70 NP30
 Drilling   Tunneling   Bentonit    Building companies, Contracting business   P30B, P52B; P62B, P72B P80B
  Textile    Laundries   PK72 Compressor
  Boiler feed water    Steam plants, Power plants   P11D - P50D, P71DK
  Oil, Liquid gas production    Small steam generator  
 Extraktion   Food and chemicals    Dairies, Food production   NP10C-PK72 Compressor
     Cosmetic industry
 Chemical industry
 Firefighting   Bottle filling CO2    Electronic industry   NP10C - P71C
 Pest control
  Bottle filling CO2    Food industry
  NP10C - P71C
  Screen printing, grid cleaning    Printers, Textile companies   P52, NP25, P22
  Pickling, Phosphating    Paint shop, Electroplating   P11, P21, P30
  Sandblasting, Derusting    Steel industry, Locksmith, Painter   P30, NP25, P22
  Bottle filling CO2    Electronics industry   NP10C - P71C


  Drinking water
Landfill wastewater industrial Wastewater
   Sea water desalination plants
 Shipping, Landfills, Industry 
  NP10 S/RE – P80 S/RE
 Cleaning   High pressure cleaner    Gravel and concrete works, Construction   companies   NP10 - NP16
     Mobile and stationary high-pressure cleaners   P11 - P21
     Port facilities, Shipyards, Motor vehicle   companies   P52 - P71
     Local government, Sewer cleaner   NP25, P41, P52 - P71
  Central cleaning systems    Dairies, Slaughterhouses   P30 - P52, NP25, NP30
     Animal husbandry, Animal parks
 Food producers
     Bus, Truck, Car washes   NP Serie, P21 - P52
  Tank cleaning    Food and dairy breweries          NP25, P30 - P52, P62
  Street cleaning    Local government, Construction yards   P30 - P71, P81 NP30
  Building cleaning    Painters, renovators, Guest and sports   facilities   NP25, P30
  Heat exchangers    Energy company, Chemical industry   NP25/21
 Dry cleaning   Technical parts    Mechanical manufacturer, Electronical   manufacturer      NP10C-NP25C
 Jet cleaning      Manufacturer  
  Emission binder    Power plants, Filter manufacturers   P21 - P50RE, NP10
  Sealing liquid    Homogenisierungsanlagen   NP25/11/12/15/20/24
     Chemical industry, Cooling in power plants  
 Further uses   Coolants and lubricants    Bearing lubrification, Rock drills   NP25HD
       Machine tools  
    Pressure testing    Tank and pipe manufacturers, Plumbers   P11/5, P21/5
    Ballast water    Ships   P52 - P71
    Spray extraction    Process technology, Chemical industry   NP10RE, NP25RE P71RE  P52RE, P62R
    Flocculating agents    Food and beverage industries   P11 - P21, NP10
    Defrosting aircraft    Airports, Army   P21, P30, P50RE
    Borehole loading    Petroleum industry   P60 / P71 RE, P80, P81
 Water supply     Water supply     Community, Hotel complexes, Mountain inns   P30 - P71
 Water   hydraulics   Water hydraulik    Robots, Presses, Welders   P11-P81



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